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What’s your favorite instant noodles?

These are my favorite instant noodles because I grew up eating this as a kid. I know these noodles as the “face” noodles because of the little boy on the packaging but that’s not the real name. It’s really called out front one moment which I think means done in a giffy.

I love the smell of the soup base, mainly because of the sesame oil, it smells so good. Writing this makes me want one, it’s just that yummy. I definitely recommend it.

You can purchase this in single packages or a case at most Asian grocery stores and I have seen it in the Asian isle at Super Store. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

Rinsing the noodles is a personal preference because in my mind there’s some kind of coating to keep it in its square shape and by rinsing it, it removes that.

I usually have this with some greens, broccoli or cauliflower, just to balance out the bad stuff but I had neither this time.





UO pyramid and rhinestone ring

Just showcasing a little something from my UO order. This ring is a little big on my finger but I really like the chrome metal and how the rhinestones give it a little sparkle. I applied a very light clear coat of nail polish just to make sure the ringstones stay.



My first post.

I hurt my knee so I’m out of commission for the next couple of days so why not start a blog? I’ve actually have been thinking about creating a blog for weeks now, but because of this knee thing, I thought now would be a good time.

A few weeks ago, I had a discussion with my friend, A and she said that if I wanted followers I should really blog about something I’m interested in and since I’m still  in search of a hobby, nothing really jumped out at me. I thought about creating a fashion blog because I like to shop, but that will take a hit on my wallet and that’s the same as reviewing restaurants. I started craft making, but I don’t know if that’s going to be long term. There’s running and yoga but I don’t know if I can blog about that.

So anyways, I finally settled on a niche topic. Instant noodles. I’m going to review different kinds of instant noodles. And maybe have random posts in between.

Look out for my first official post.

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